Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inspirational stuff #1

I have been browsing trough blogs and web pages of fantastic illustrators in the past weeks. It' can be a real mistake to do so, because you can't stop once you have started - on artists links 30 others and they do the same, and so you keep browsing trough fantastic art for hours. I want to lead you in that spiral of doom by pointing out some of my favorite pages I have seen recently.
Also, don't forget the drawing jam at the Forum Stadtpark on Friday (informations in the post below).

Spyder, my good friend from NYC - that girl has great talent and is doing illustrations for the RPG game Burning Wheel at the moment.
Stephen Silver ( he is character designer to Kim Possible, for example, on of my favorite Disney series)
Shannon Tindle

Ryan Wood

Chhuy-ing, Character Designer, Illustrator and Animator from France:

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