Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comicsalon Erlangen

Back from Erlangen I will not write a very long report, because guys: I wont have a real life for the next four months. My publisher threatened me, they said I could not leave my room or sleep or meet freinds..... I need to finish the Xoth comic, my deadline is mid of September and it will be published mid of October. Means I need to draw draw draw next the money job. So forgive me for probably not having much time for anything. Damn, I hate when passions overtake your life ;-)

The Comicsalon was great. I met many friends I only see every two years and I met the whole staff of my publisher Zwerchfell, the Dinter Brothers, Piwi and all the others whos names I do not remember. I wont write much more, just so much: Great exhibitions, great evening parties, great resonance at my preview of Xoth. About 35 pages to go. Thehehe.


Gideon Stargrave sen. said...

oh, well, i hope there will be the chance for a coffee or two until september...
passions are great, but keep control over them :-)

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

If I keep my strict timetable I guess there will be time :-) Get up between 9-11, work until 4-7 and then do some kind of sport to keep my back alive... :-D

Thomas said...

wennst aufmunterung od. einen starken tee brauchst, dann meld dich einfach ;-)


office said...

...hi tochter...ich vermisse ein foto von dir auf deiner hp