Saturday, June 28, 2008

Workshops in Linz and Graz

This week was a week of workshops: On Monday/Tuesday I was in Linz at the Theaterfestival "Schäxpir" and met Gottfried Gusenbauer, who is the head of Linz Comicmagazin Lin_C. He and others will arrange a Comicfestival in Linz in March 2009. He invited me to work on it too, and I truly cant wait for a comicfestival to take place in Austria! I am sure it will be great. In Linz I also met Artist Elffriede who did a great job on a tool called "Tagtool" see picture below: It's like a mixing console for drawing: You can do live visual drawings while the band plays at the stage, and animate it at the wall. I also tried it and it was fun!

Another comicworkshop I led took place in my old school, the Modellschule Graz. There, I and the seventh class worked on an anthology of comic short stories, something they can sell at their Maturafest. It truly was great fun, they worked very concentrated and most of the results were amazing. I hope I turned some of them on the "bad side" and maybe they want to become Cartoonists just like me.

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Makimono said...

Leaping labrats! Hugs from the Tagtool crew. your comic rocks!