Wednesday, October 29, 2008

News news news

1. Xoth has its first review on the net by the webpage. "G wie Gorilla". I am amazed how nice it came out. But well, read it for yourself. Oh and there is an interview online too now!
2. Xoth has its own webpage, in German though. Check it out,

3. Xoth presentation party in Graz: Will take place in the Rechbauerkino Graz at 05.12.2008, 8 pm within the official program "Kinogeschichten". Official invitations will be send out, but keep the evening of this day free to enjoy an entertaining ebening full of monsters, nerds and nerdmonsters!

4. Frankfurter Buchmesse #2 - I have to say, it was a great success. 60 first pieces of Xoth were delivered to the book fair, and we got rid of all of them. About two thirds were sold, the other third was given away for promotional issues. I enjoyed spending some time there and being away from Graz once in a while was amazing. I had a couple of signing appointments too, thanks to Piwi! I was sitting right next to Simpsons Comics artist Bill Morrision. I even said hi to him ;-) Anyway, right now I am doing as much promotion as possible for Xoth! and hopefully it will sell out. If it does, there will be a reprint. We will see.


Felix said...

Großartig, Review klingt super! Freu mich schon darauf, bald ein Exemplar in den Händen halten zu dürfen :)

lg, Felix

spyder said...

Oh dearest Jung! You are so talented and wonderful! I hope you sell a million... no, a ZILLION copies of XOTH and become a world controlling comics super power... You could be the COMICS MASTER!

Almud said...

geile rezension!!! :)

viel erfolg weiterhin, freu mich auch aufs lesen und die präsentationsparty!

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Merci everyone! And YES Spyder... I plan to become the comic MASTER!!!! Do you hear the drums already? :-D

hermetic said...

die kritik hört sich ja echt super an, gratuliere.
Kann mans bei dir persönlich erwerben so dass du mehr davon hast oder is das ganz egal? Sonst bestell ichs nämlich gleich bei amazon :D

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Wie du willst :-) Bei mir bekommst dus bei der präsiparty am 5.12 Und zu diversen DSA terminen aknn ich dann auch was reinzeichnen!

Martin said...

Gratuliere zu dieser Spitzenrezension! Freut mich, dass du so gutes Feedback bekommst für das, was dir gleichzeitig auch am meisten Spaß macht!

LG Martin

Vero said...


Hab mein xoth!-Pinup gerade gebloggt und auch schon an Piwi verschickt. Sollte also bald auch auf der Zwerchfell-Seite zu sehen sein :D

Grüßle aus Freiburg,
die Véro