Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My favorite comic at the moment...

Donjon! I my god, I love that comic - its made by Lewis Trondheim, on of Frances most loved comic writers and artists. I think he is like a god to them.

However he, and a hand full of other fantastic artists such as Joann Sfar and Larcenet created the "Donjon Saga". The basic story is about a castle called Donjon which offers adventurers the fight against monsters - the comic makes fantastic fun of the Fantasy genre, heros and monsters ore monsterheros. The main characters are, for example, Herbert the duck without a heart, who is pretty awsome in getting out and into dangerous situations with tricky cowardness. I have never seen such beauty in the art of being a chicken (well he really IS a chicken, literally).
The whole Donjon Saga is a bit hard to oversee, since its differnet stories taking place in different timelines, but you can get a good overview on this DONJON WEBSITE. Even tough the comics are funny as hell they catch a deeper sense of life,, such as: That there is only the need for someone to fart, and everyone craks up - that is the true wisdom of life :-D

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