Monday, March 09, 2009

Festival report

I just returned from the Linz 09 Next Comic Festival - I must say, I had a lot of fun. Very nice exhibitions, and very interesting lectures. Some of them deserved a lot more audience than they got. The opening at friday was well visited and politicians like Josef Pühringer outed themselves as comicfans. Also, when the presentation of prizes took place I got the go on stage together with two other winners (all in all there were 9 winners in five categories, but since they were partly international only two others could come) Nikolaus Raspotnik and Janina Putzker (17) two very talented artists.

I also was happy to meet Gerhard Haderer, once of my favorite caricaturists and a member of the jury . I remember back when I bought "Think Positive" a collection of his works and kept on showing it around to others because I liked it so much. Maybe you also remember the big fuzz when Haderer was sentenced to a half year prison after he released his book "Das Leben des Jesu" in Greece, but later on the charges were dropped. So all in all, a nice but rainy weekend in Linz.

Gottfried Gusenbauer opens the festival.

Gerhard Haderer talks about the comlexity of painting a foot thats sucked full of water after hours in the bathtube.

I had to take this groupie picture together with Gerhard Haderer.

Cosplay girls/boys are always present at any comicfestival.

This is an excerpt of my winner comic, a 10-paged short story.


Christopher said...

Liebe Anna: Dicken Glückwunsch zum Preis!

Queen Mob said...

Danke vielmals! :-)

Aaron said...

Spiiiiitze! Ich hab Dir eh schon per skype gratuliert, aber ich will, dass jeder hier lesen kann, "how A W E S O M E you are!!" :D

LG aus Oxford,

Queen Mob said...

Daaaankeeeee Aaron, aber ich hätte bitte gerne dass du mindestens einmal noch postest auf deinem blog bevor du zurück kommst!

spyder said...