Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Im here!

Not much to say about my arrival, everything went pretty without any problems – after some horrible nine hours with 90ies love movies shown on VHS in the polish plane I landed in the hot New York City. Becky and her mum picked me up and we spend some hours in Chesnutridge, 40 minutes car ride away from the city, to relax and avoid rush-hour.

The High Line
We have not done much yet, since I still suffer from heavy Jetlag (and I do not take it easy) and its very hot outside. We dared to leave the house yesterday after 5 pm, when the sun wasn’t so merciless anymore. Gabriela, Beckys aunt (she is even younger than her!) came by and we visited the “High Line”, and old abandoned railway track above the ground in lower Manhattan which served for trains in the beginning of the 20th century and has been turned into a park. While wandering trough grass and trees, growing between railway tracks, you can look down at New York traffic and enjoy the view.

Yes, Im in New York
I realized it when I saw people dressed in strange cloth combinations, celebrating being different, underlining that in New York you can do whatever you want. I saw my first gay, interracial couple, pointed and laughed at a Yoga class of people who were visible to everybody walking through the High Line park and shook my head at people who would stand in line for one hour to get a Burger at a hip fast food in a park. Also, I have to get used to the air conditioning everywhere – no matter how hot it is, bring your jacket if you want to go inside somewhere, even the subway. The shops at 5th ave are in competition in whos shop is more like the north pole by leaving their doors open (!) while having their ACs on full power, so passing by people are pulled into the shops.
Much to do I have left, that’s why I end my first report now and start caring about “reporting in” to the International Institute of Education. I have to stay “in status” or the FBI will get me!


Tobi said...

Where is the turkey god damn it?! I want to se him dead dead dead!

Aaron said...

Good to hear from you!! I am happy that your trip was as horrible as you expected it to be. I am also happy that you already realized how awesome New York is, even if I am not there :D

Have fun and note I already miss you!

Thomas said...

schön, dass du angekommen bist!
werde ein treuer blogleser sein,
alles liebe,

Felix said...


Good to hear from you. I believe Aaron is the turkey. I enjoyed the sign: "Watch your step Uneven paving surface" in the background of you happy three. I imagine our mountains consisting entirely of these signs :)

Osk, Minion of Cthulhu said...

Welcome back! So happy you've returned. You were missed.

Osk, Minion of Cthulhu said...

Welcome Back! So glad that you've returned. I'm very much looking forward to hanging out and gaming with you. You were deeply missed.

Queen Mob said...

Hi an alle!
Turkey time is November, tObi!
@Aaron: New York is awesome but I have my first cold from the ACs!
@Thomas: Bussi! :-P
@Felix: The pave was uneven because theyre going to built a little water pool tehre! :-)
@ Osc: See you soon! YAY

Anonymous said...

heeeey!!! auf meinem japanischen pc ist jetzt schon der 14.8. und das heißt ich werde die erste sein, die dir hier alles gute zum geburtstag wünscht!!! :D schick dir ein dickes bussi und einen durch-die-gegend-heb-knuddler ins schicke n.y.!

Moone said...

hallo anschgi!!

happy birthday to you!!
häppi börsdai tu ju!!

ich ♥ deinen blog.

moone aus balin...

SonRisEvA said...

ah, deshalb hast dich also gleich verkühlt, wegen den gemeinen klima-anlagen!
schön, dasst schon a bisserl gelandet zu sein scheinst.

The Real Aaron said...

Servus Ansch, jetzt komme ich endlich mal dazu wieder deinen Blog zu lesen! (Ich weiß, ich weiß, Zeit wirds.)

Schön zu hören das du gut angekommen bist. Wann sieht man dich mal wieder im Skype? Oder bekommt ne Mail? Denkst du denn garnicht an deine Freunde in Wien?!?

Anyway, liebe Grüße von Doris und mir, vielleicht hört man sich ja bald mal. ^_^