Sunday, August 30, 2009

New home, school, IKEA

School has started – that is why it seems that I have disappeared from the surface oft the earth: We had school from 5pm – 10 pm the whole week. No worries, it won’t be always like that; Its was the Bootcamp, an initial session to make acquaintance with everyone and work on a piece of illustration. The assignment was “Robot”, the technique free to choose. The results where all wonderful.
My piece is a new interpretation of the relationship between Godzilla and one of his opponents (I don’t know his name!). It’s supposed to be a cover for a fictive pulpy love-romance cover.

I also enjoy living in the same flat again I used to live in 2006. This time my room is much bigger, but also of course, much more expensive – I hope I will be able to afford it until the end. I live together with people from all over the world again: The nations are Sweden, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Canada and the US. I will introduce my roommates on some point. Below: My room. For those of you who do not know it already: it's 900 $/month. Lets see how long Im able to afford that.

Below are some of my roomates standing in our beautiful kitchen (which is nearly always clean, by the way - from left to right its Barry (US), Nick (US), Nava (Swiss), Katharina (GER)

We had a dinnerparty at the roof because some people are moving out.
On Sunday I took a trip the NY IKEA in Brooklyn to buy some little things. I mainly did this to take the free NYC water taxi. It was very stressful, of course, on Sunday million of people travel to IKEA, especially large families. But I got what I wanted: Mainly Tupperware!
The Watertaxi takes about 15 minutes from Wall Street pier 11 to Red Hook, Brooklyn, where IKEA has its location.
The view from IKEA restaurant to the statue of liberty. Its strange going shopping in the exactely same enviroment like in Austria, but seeing the skyline of NY in the background.
The water taxi leaves the pier.


tobias.jung said...

wtf?? 900$ for a room and this gulagkitchen? those capitalist pigs need to be taught a lesson! lets send them our ernst ^_^

Queen Mob said...

Bahaha,.. ich hab grad bemerkt das das foto von meinem zimmer zufällig total verkürzt wirkt. Muss mal ein besseres Foto machen von dem Zimmer, is nämlich gar net so klein wies wirkt.

Felix said...

Finally news from my beloved Antschhhhhgiiii! That it why open minded Tobi stays in his home instead of paying the gulags. Nice to hear from you and so we finally know Ikea expanded to the U.S, at least to European U.S :). Keep up the good work and ask the Swedish guy/girl "Vill du ficka med mig?", you know what that means, hm? :)

Cheers, Felix

Queen Mob said...

Bahaha, Felix, den Satz würd ich in einem schwedischen SPAM mail erwarten, du ferkel!

Osk,MinionOfCthulhu said...

The robot's name I think is Jetjaguar. ;)

Kai Kremser said...

ahh, cute... somehow your illustrations make reality seem like bizarro world ;)

and what do they put in the drinking water in NYC? your smile looks like it wants to go 360° :)

Felix said...

Von wegen Ferkel! Du wirst doch eine gute Tasse Kaffee nicht verabscheuen, oder? zzZZZzzz, immer diese Vorurteile, echt ;)

Queen Mob said...

Kai: The sun was blinding me and I tried to compensate by grinning more... :-)
Felix: Na sowas, du schuft, hast mich reingeleg!

Aaron said...

I have to keep up! There is so much new information on your blog! What kind of friend am I!

I'll do my best in the future to be better, I promise!

Queen Mob said...