Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Various things

This time a random report, because various little things are happening – for example, today Obama is in New York to have negotiation with people such as Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. So I suppose Manhattan will be locked down.
In school, everything is quite stressful on different levels. It is not that they demand incredible much from us, it is mainly that I am not used being in the system of education again – and postgraduate is something else then undergraduate: Nobody whines, nobody complains, people really WANT to be there and try their best. Also, I am in a constant state of learning right now – about drawing techniques, about historical aspects of illustration, about my thesis project. It’s all quite confusing.
I enjoy having a big library so close by, I just walk 10 minutes and I can work my way through Brooklyn Central library – they do have a lot of books on drawing, illustration and comics. Nice!

Impressions from the last weeks:

Below you see some of my fellow students - I organized a drawing party, because we have to draw hand and feet - we decided to do it together and model for each other.

Becky is intimitated by the evil looking fortuneteller at the Society of Illustrators.
Vanessas garden is a beautiful little work of art with spontanious erruptions of dinner parties.
10 minutes from where I live is the Brooklyn Central libary (the building behind the pillar).
Look, its Guy Delisle! A Canadian comic artist who made "Pjöngjang".
The lady in red is Melanie Reim, our drawing teacher and head of the programm. Here we look at her drawing books.
There is a comic shop right around my corner! "Bergen street comics", a neat litle place.
Comic pordium at the Brooklyn Bookfair!


frau kirschvogel said...

*schnüff* Neid .... ;P

Anonymous said...

haha! guy delisle sieht ja genauso aus, wie er sich zeichnet! :D
lg, doris