Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Update! Tunnels!

Hello friends,

welcome to another short sum-up of things that I have been doing; First of all, I had visitors from Austria for 10 days, Eva and Mira from Vienna. They were pretty good at doing stuff on their own and it was nice to talk Austrian for a while.

Below you see Eva, me, Mira and becky at the “Atlantic Ave Tunnel tour” New Yorks first subway tunnel which was sealed off (and fake-demolished, a corruption affair) at the turn of the 18th century and then re-detected by Bob Diamond in the 70ies. Of course, my fotos are shitty in this dark enviroment.

My new drawing table and light box arrived two weeks ago….I should use it more.

Especially exciting was the lecture by Peter de Seve, lead character designer of all Iceage characters. I got an original drawing too.

Below, you see Lisa and Joel whom which I played a three-times session of Call of Cthulhu (gmed by Osc) – can you believe, our characters survived INNSMOUTH by just TALKING???!!!

Below foto is by my fellow student Aera – it shows us and Melanie Reim, getting trough every single sketchbook of the class.

I have to admit, im not really drawing a lot next to life drawing session and homework. It seems that my system and brain is shocked by the new stuff Im learning and right now, I dont make any good drawings....its just a phase...ITS JUST A PHASE, RIGHT!!!!???


Annina said...

Thanks for the update! Seems that there is a lot going on in your life in NY.
Viele Bussal

Anonymous said...

hallo anna maria!

wer hat dir den den zeichentisch gemacht???-etwa wolfgang??