Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching up....

I had a bad conscience for weeks because I never REALLY updated this blog with news from my life here – I have mainly bombed you guys with threadless designs, I hope you are not tired with it yet!

Anyways, what have I been doing over the last weeks? All my assignments for the fall semester went well, and after it was over I spend two nice, quiet weeks with relaxing. Christmas I spent at Becky’s mum’s house (Claudia) and once more, we had a wonderful dinner.

New Years Eve was loads of fun. I went to the nerd’s party again, which means tons of board games, guitar hero and a lot of people who get your pop cultural references.
This fotos are by Becky's rommate, Kat and are from Christmas at Claudia's house!

This fotos are by Sarah (my Burning Wheel collague) and are from nerd's new years eve:


The winter module ( a three week course that takes places 4 times a week) has started – it’s called “Visualizing the conceptual process”. The basic idea for the course is to make a mini-project every evening, and to realize on of them at the end. First I wasn’t sure about the course, because I already had a lot of “concept courses” back in the FH Salzburg. But the second week was already much more interesting than the first, and now I am enjoying the creative process every evening.

After that, the spring semester will start at the first of February. My courses for that are a painting class (I can’t wait for this one – I barely ever use none-digital colors, so I am curious if this course will challenge me a lot) and a digital coloring/drawing class (yay!). I also additionally have to do an “independent studies project, for which I chose to start a new, long term comic project setteled around my heroine Mary J. Brown (occult investigator!).

The first picture is by Elena (my classmate) and shows us at my conceptual class (in the front is Juliane, from Berlin, she is also a Fulbright student). The second picture is by Song Hee, and shows us at our life drawing class (which is now over).


I also would like to introduce my current Role-playing groups to you – I plan to take pictures of them during the next games. I’ll give you a quick overview.: I play a monthly game of RISUS with an all-girls group (Mary, Michelle, Melissa, Lena and Becky) – that is probably the pulpiest game of all of them. It’s the one were we all play occult investigators who have to fight enemies like “Vamperaci” ( a vamp version of Liverace) and the Necronomicon.
Another group is the D&D group (Melissa (from RISUS), Cary, Kai, Frank, Michelle (from RISUS) and other players who I haven’t met yet). We just finished an epic game with various resurrections, imploding people and multi-headed dragons and demons. This game is two-weekly.

A very new group is the Burning Wheel group (Phil, Kristen, Sarah, and Steve) - a very story-centered game in a Sci-Fi universe created by the GM Phil. The first game went very well. We basically (to explain it fast and simple) play a group of people slightly resembling to the Firefly crew who work for a giant UN-like organization, and who find out that there is a conspiracy with an ultra-xenophobe society is going on. I play a former terrorist who transformed into a peace negotiator.

I will try to give the people who are interested a better summary soon, first I want to take pictures of my groups. It sounds like I am playing unbelievably much, but it actually comes down to the same amount of time I spend gaming in Austria.


Felix said...

Thanks for the update! Always enjoy reading your nerd-news, so keep up the good work!

kisses, Felix

Aaron said...

Aaargh, Nerd-News! Be careful, them damn foreigners want to steal you from us. Let yourself not be baptised or any other thing them Americans wanna do to you ;)