Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am very sorry for this delayed update. Let me start off with whining: I have a cold. That’s not special yet, I know, but I have been suffering under this cold now for three weeks – it’s on its peak now, which wouldn’t be as terrible if my father Viktor and my stepmother Ingrid wouldn’t be visiting me right now! I haven’t seen them in 8 months – I was so eager to spend my spring break with them.They visited me last saturday! The first time family members coma over to see my room in New York!

I have been working on some artwork lately! It's not that I forgot about drawing or anything! The piece below is a piece of work I did for digital painting class:

And this piece I did for the NerdNYC Barbarians musical. I will be a monster in the play!

As for other news, I am a member of the zoos in New York now. I bought an annual pass for all zoos+aquarium in New York. Last weekend I visited the Central Park Zoo two times, one time with Becky, the other time with Melissa and Brendon.


Thomas Nickel said...

What sort of animal are you pointing at in the last picture? Is it some sort of anteater? Anteaters are brilliant!

And what monster will you play? That snake-thingy on the right?

Aaron said...

Beautiful artwork! It reminds me of the "Borbarad Kampagne" when all these "Djinnies" suddenly appear to welcome us at the "Konzil der Elemente" :D