Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New news!

Theater Madness!
As mentioned in a post before I am cast member of a play that will take place every Wednesday in May in New York. It’s off-off-off-off Broadway – a project by Jason Ellis and Co., who is a member of nerdNYC, a message board for people such as me. The play’s title: Barbarian! It’s a story about a wandering, singing barbarian who kicks ass and saves male damsels in distress. I am honored to die several different deaths in the play while playing a two-headed monster, a townsperson, a guard, a ninja and a lizard woman. Below is the poster I designed for the play (this time with typography by Jason Ellis)!

School Madness!

I have loads to do for school: I have to finish three pieces for the Digital painting class, an oil painting for the traditional painting class and I have to finish my historical overview for the thesis. I think I will manage, and so far I still enjoy all of the classes. See some of my oil paintings below: Please keep in Mind that they are all exercises, and that I am still not comfortable with traditional media at all.
Below is the piece I am currently working on for digital painting class - it shows the different steps I undertook. It's not finished yet - about 60% are finsihed.

Illustrating for Kleine Zeitung’s G7
I am the new illustrator for the G7 magazine of the Kleine Zeitung, a new weekly magazine published in Graz. Have a look at it. I think my illustration is usually to be found at the last page together with an awesome article my different authors. So keep a look-out! Below is the illustration for the first issue, which accompanied an article by actress and writer Pia Hierzegger.

Xoth – Reprinted!
Xoth will be reprinted. Another 500 pieces in soft cover will be printed in time for the Comicfestival Erlangen 2010 in June. I created a new cover for this edition PLUS a Xoth spin-off short will be put into the new edition! I will post more details as soon as I know them! I am really happy with the new cover though!

Graz, I’m coming!
I will come and visit good old Graz 25th of May-18th of June. During that time, my room in NY is available for rent, so contact me if you’re interested. I don’t know yet where to get a phone from in Graz but you can always reach me via e-mail! Also, I won’t be in Graz 3th June-5thJune, because I will visit the comic festival in Erlangen! I can’t wait to see all of you and have a drink in good old Parkhouse!

Random pics from NY!

I have a vendetta with the people who dress up as statue of liberty! I know they want me dead! But you won't get me the easy way, motherf****&%

Melissa and are posing with our new threadless zombie shirts.

Brunch with Cary, Melissa and Brandon.
Ms. Jung at the Timequare!


Thomas Nickel said...

Yay, Erlangen! Always great!
And my Snake-thingy-guess was quite close to the Lizardwoman-role. Right?

Annina said...

Seems your are an "Arbeitstier" (eager beaver)!

Queen Mob said...

Thomas: I only play a lizard woman in the very last scene! I play many things, we just don't have enough extras! :-D

Annina: yes mam!

Aaron said...

Love the traditional paintings!
I am also very proud of you being illustrator for the new Graz newspaper, which is, on my opinion, pretty cool :)

SonRisEvA said...

lauter gute neuigkeiten, freu mich schon, wenn du kommst. :-)

Ally said...

No reason to hide your paintings, hun! Especially like the bottom right one!

Queen Mob said...

Cheers my dear people!