Friday, August 27, 2010

More Art!

Oh my, am I really updating this blog within 3 days? Yes! I want to share some of my latest illustrations with you. I am currently working on character designs and concept art for a project for school.

Above are ther fist scribbles for my characters. I don't want to tell too much before I haven't worked on it more, but I am eager to try a slighty different style for this: Very flat figures, almost no shadows, and texture. Those are the colored versions of the figures.

I am higly inspired by cartoons such as Samurai Jack and The Secret of Kells. I love the beautiful, 2-dimensional backgrounds in those and I am looking for a way to integrate this into my style. We will see. More to come.


Glamgeekgirl said...

Nice! I mean: YARRRRR!

I like both the new style and your usual one. Looking forward to seeing more!

Steffi said...

Die sind ja klasse!

Queen Mob said...

Danke ihr zwei!
Almud: Der neue style is ja nicht sooo neu...nur ein bissi.... :-)

Queen Mob said...
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Christina said...

Irgendwie bin ich durch Zufall auf deine Seite geraten... aber wow! Piraten! =D
Und Monster und Ninjas und Comics und Berichte über NY... *_* Wow! Ich habe mich schon als regelmäßigen Leser eingetragen. ;-)
Schöne Grüße aus Vorarlberg

Queen Mob said...

Danke, freut mich dass der blog dir gefällt :-)