Monday, October 25, 2010

Randomness+steampunk is the new goth

I don't have so many news, but I do have a new camera which I want to introduce to you by showing you some pics I made with it. I love it - I can finally take pics in dark rooms or at night and I love the 16:9 format. Thanks to David Auner for the recommendation.

Well, one important fact: At the 29th of Octobre Teefury is printing “Little Red Fighting Hood” for only 24 hours. Don’t forget about that in case you want the shirt!

Below: Steampunk Fashion SHow in DUMBO, Brooklyn at SUnday. Steampunk is the new goth, it seems. If you don't know what steampunk is, you better learn it quickly, because it's becoming a new pop culture phenomenon.
Steampunk Models look angry and unhappy.
They look happy. Nice.
Look at the neat little insects to the right.
Random pics: Me, Evelyn and Jason in the Lower Eastside.
Lower Eastside.
New camera goggle test.
it's a dog....BEHIND A WHEEL!!!
Melissas cat is chasing something behind her back in her new home in New Jersey.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Hey! I saw you in the newspaper yesterday - 80 - you totally rock the international comic scene :) that's what they said :D
I hope you're still doing great out there in the darkness of the US. Since I was there the last two weeks, I totally envy you again for staying in the magnificent city of NY.
Good luck with the next t-shirts and projects! Keep up the good work :)