Monday, October 04, 2010

Working working working

There are three major projects occupying my time at the moment: my capstone is the first. The capstone is the big, final project we have to hand in for our degree, a practical project which has to consist of a number of illustrations. I plan to do an illustrated narrative set in a oriental fantasy landscape, but so far I am still fighting with myself on how to tell my story. It's really not easy developing a story that works and not to get caught up in dead ends. What I have so far are some test illustrations (some of them you have seen already) but there is a new one below.

Another major project is coming up with shirt ideas. Now that I am getting printed at various places, I have raised the bar for myself, which is not necessarily good because it kind of makes me scared to work on more. Will I succeed this time? Is it all coincidence or am I actually getting better? It's kind of sad, but true that artists need encouragement all the time, just like little kittens who need to use the litter box for the first time. That's why I scream it out of the window: I AM AN ARTIST AND I AM INSECURE!
Whoa. Now I feel better.

The third project is the thesis. Writing in English is so very hard for me and I feel like I will be banned from the country if I don't prove every fact in there with a highly respected book. But I will do it somehow. Just have to stop playing computer games so that I have more time. Playing "Black Mirror 2" right now, a classic point-click adventure produced in Germany. Those German still make very good classic adventures, I have to say. And Black Mirror has a really exciting story. Here we are...instead of talking about my thesis I am now talking about computer games....but there are SO MANY good ones out there that I still have to play....

Oh, and by the way: I also have a life sometimes. Last weekend I got very drunken with my friend Melissa. Since she is swimming almost every day, she can bear much more alcohol. I got drunken way before her!

Oh and: SECRET: There might be a wencomic coming up from me. But I will work months in advance before I actually start publishing them. But here is a sneak peak anyway: :-D

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