Friday, December 17, 2010

What I dreamed this week and "100 demons"

I had put one of my more insane dreams into comic form. Also, I heard about a drawing excercise called "100 demons" by Lynda Barry and started to draw some of my own. There is no rule behind it: I don't know how aften I will post them or if I will reach 100. It's just for fun. This might be my last post before I go to Detroit next week to visit Melissa's family.

Below: My dream. Yes, I am one crazy bastard. Don't think lesser of me after reading this. And yes, I mispelled David's name, I am aware of that!
This is my first demon. A catfish. Cute, right?
This one makes me put ketchup on all my eggs!
It lives under my bed!


Angeliki said...

Love your style;)

Viktor Augenfeld said...

long time no see... but all of your work is so extremely WOWZIE, it's impossible to find suitable and existing words for it.
you are on a path straight forward to real genius and globally known artist.
i deeply love your drawings, they are able to teleport us to a perfect childhood eternally!
i'd like to have your abstractifying eyes. *sigh*

onward, mad hattress!

Queen Mob said...

Ohhh thank you, but believe me I adore your abilities too!

Sandra Brandst├Ątter said...

Very cool demons. I guess I will have sweet dreams tonight!

Peter said...

The Toe Nail eater is frickin' awshum! It also made me barf in my mouth a little.

Queen Mob said...

Haha thanks that was my intention...