Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More monsters for you

Heh I haven't stopped drawing demons and monsters. It seems that I need to get in a certain mood to do it and that certain mood seems to appear about once every two weeks or so. So below, see my new monsters - I ahve to see, drawing those is my ventile for total weird shit :-D haha.

So, those fellas below, I haven't really thought about them much. The first one seems to be into licking, helpless, cute creatures. He probably licks them until they die. The one in the left corner has little, human bodies for arms and is so ashamed for it that it hides in a dark cave all day. Its eyeballs float in its brainliquid. The one on the right, bottom, is half palnt, half goblin. I call it Bobbafetz.
This one I should put up on wikipedia.
No thoughts here....

This I actually drew while I listened to the audiobook of "Song of Ice and Fire" - those books get me in a very "fantasy-y" mood.

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