Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monsters and Fantasy worlds

Saturday is update day – enjoy a couple of new monster designs below. The funny thing is, that when I started out drawing monsters they looked more like demons, and now they turn more and more into creatures which could exist on another planet or in microscopic realms. When I draw them, it always starts with the fascination for a form, or the dynamisms of a curve. From there, the creature develops.

Below, more pages of my capstone project which is going along fine. To remind some of you: It is a storybook about a young boy living in a fantasy world (piraty-island-style) experiencing a fantastic adventure.


demotapecomix said...

Das karottekauende Hasenwesen und das Schweinderl vor allem!

Queen Mob said...

Haha danke - eigentlich sollte ich echt ein making-of posten über diese Illo - ich habe die szene nämlich grob in einem 3D programm gebaut, bevor ich sie gezeichnet habe (nur mit glötzen, um die relationen rauszubekommen).