Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's going on?

Apologies for the mild lack of posting. There aren’t many news at the moment, although – wait – yes, there are: I will be attending MOCCA 2011 in Manhattan, 9th-10th of April. I will be selling shirts and posters and prints there and talk and doodle and promote myself. More about this at the beginning of April.

Below: I will sell plenty of "Squinja" shirts at Mocca. They are also available at Threadless (and quickly selling out!!!!)

I also keep on designing shirts every week – I have settled down on about one new design every week, more is not possible next to school and regular work. But hey, what can I say: Since about half a year my shirts are paying for my life. This is exactly what I hoped for about 18 months ago. I even prayed for this (to Cthulhu and the cookie monster)! It happened, man!

I am also happy to announce that in the near future, my first collaboration will be printed: Revenge of the Damsels, a collab between me and the fantastic Rebekie Bennington. Stay tuned.

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