Monday, April 11, 2011

MOCCA report

Mocca Fest 2011 was a success! There were plenty of visitors, and I passed out at around 1000 flyers (almost every time with a little chat) and I sold at least 80% of the shirts I had (around 45). I want to thank those people who came by my table and I want to thank my friends for helping me out at my table and anyone who offered to help (Beckya and Nicola), and the ones who kicked me off my table so I could have a break, Melissa, Terry, Evelyn and Daniel.
I really enjoyed Mocca – so many young artists, doing Mini-comics, graphic novels, shirts, prints and all kinds of crafty things. I wasn’t able to see any panel discussion, but I’m sure they were fantastic as well. On a promotional level, it was great to talk to completely new people about my work (not just friends, like usual) and if only a small percentage of them keeps me in their minds, it’s already a success.

One of my little helpers, Melissa, and me, handing out flyers!
One thing I really enjoyed was that so many people had seen my shirts on Threadless or Woot. It was a great feeling telling them, yes, I made them. It’s good to see those Threadless buyers face to face. Another fantastic thing is that I actually sold my comic Xoth!, ven though it was in German I sold 3 copies. I shouldn’t forget how much I love comics. Sometimes it’s easy to do so when so much more profit comes from shirts.
(Below: Evelyn and Terry, my minions of doom!)
I also found out about some great artists. One of my favorites was right opposite me, a guy called Scott C. who did design for the computer game Psychonaut. His stuff was simply stunning, and precicely my kind of humor. I left some money at his table. But I was glad to do so. There were a lot of other talented people there, and what I appreciated most was that so many of the exhibitors walked around themselves and bought stuff. It shows that there is a great, general interest in other people’s work in this community.
(Below, the art print I bought from Scott C.)

(Below: Charming our way trough the festival)

(Below: No, they totally didn't know I was taking a picture.)
(Look at that! Sombody is wearing my shirt! No, I didn't know him because he is another Fulbright student named Joe! ;-))

And my personal festival after party on Saturday: Schnapps and Käsespätzle at Lorelei's in the Lower Eastside!

And most of you know it already, but another (!) highlight of my weekend was meeting the main cast of the current season of Dr. Who at Barnes and Nobles at Friday.Thanks again to Backy for telling me about this. I went there last minute and was able to get in line, far after Backy had already gotten her signature. She had worn the Dr. Who shirt that recently got printed at Woot, so when it was my turn, Matt SMith, Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill had already seen my shirt. So when I turned up and pointed out that I made that shirt to honor Dr. Who, he looked puzzeled and amazed and asked me where he could get it! No matter if he is that nice to everyone or not, it was a great moment.
(Below: Matt Smith: You made that shirt????!!! Me: ..... (*is he talking with me?????*)

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