Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ugh, my updates come slowly at the moment! But it’s the end of my program and stuff is happening. My thesis defense will take place next Saturday and I’m making the final arrangements for the print of my final illustration project for class. A detailed update about that was requested by Klee and I plan to do one soon, promise!

But let me tell you a bit about my little trip to Washington DC to visit my friend Evelyn’s brother. We took a 50 bucks round trip Megabus and spent a lot of time in it (just let me add, that trains are very expensive in the US, around three times the price of a bus or more). But it paid off: Washington was beautiful in the blooming environment of spring and the weather was perfect. I met Evelyn’s brother John and her niece Zoey, really fun and nice people. We spend all Saturday looking at monuments and taking questionable photos with them.

Mister Lincoln enveloped us all with his charme! We all know that the statue is really a giant roboter version of him, but today we were lucky to find him at home base, ready to save the world. (Left to right: Evelyn, Zoey, me)
Left to right: John, Evelyn, Zoey, me
This apocalyptic pic is by John.

The city was so clean and so different to New York. I wonder if they have some kind of mind-control spell over people who enter the city, to make them see only pretty buildings and no decay and flowers everywhere. It must be the answer. John lives in a very cute neighborhood called Georgetown, which according to him serves as the home for families, young couples and college kids who booze their brains out every weekend. Thanks again, for being such a good host.


Sandra Brandstätter said...

hallo frau jung, wollte nur mal kurz sagen, dass ich die Mara Payne ziehmlich cool finde. So, das wars auch schon. :)

Queen Mob said...

Danke Frau Brandstätter, freut mich sehr :-D

Klee said...

Sag mal gibts eigentlich irgendeinen Trick, wie du diesen "ausgewaschenen" Look bei deinen Shirt-Illustrationen hinkriegst? Zum Beispiel wie bei den Bäumen auf der Illu mit den Ninja-Eichhörnchen. Ist das ne Textur, oder ein Brush oder was? Würde mir weiterhelfen, ich wollte mal gucken wie das hier wirkt.

Queen Mob said...

Klee, da gibt es Textur Brushes in Photoshop. Ich hab einiges darüber rausgefunden, idnem ich Tutorials gamcht hab. Such mal im Netz nach "Texture Brushes Photoshop" oder "Vintage look T.shirts" oder sonst hätte ich da ein PDF.