Friday, May 04, 2012

Shit is happening

I mean, good shit is happening! Let me try to do this chronologically:

Mocca was a success!

I spend the weekend selling shirts, giving away postcards and presenting my comic collab with my collab partners Daniel and Rebekie at our table. I met plenty of nice people, a lot of them knew my stuff already and many bought my shirts, it was a full success! Thanks to all my helpers who made my life a lot easier, Melissa, Dan, Rebekie, Evelyn and Brandon. 

New Webcomic for dorkly!

I have been asked to do a bi-weekly webcomic for a sister page of college humor, I work off script, and I enjoy it. My first comic was a strip based on skyrim written by Andrew Bridgman, and it exploded on the internet! It was on the frontpage of reddit and has almost 2000 likes on fb already! Go here to see the full comic!

More shirts are getting printed!

Some nice surprises are waiting for you! Something is coming up on teefury, something is CURRENTLY up at woot, and something is (finally) coming up again at Threadless! I will keep you updated on my facebook fanpage!

I'll be in San Francisco next week, for vacation! So no new shirts and no new art, but plenty of touristy pictures await you! Also, more awesome stuff is happening, which I will tell you more about another time!

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The Control Room said...

Come to England so we can buy your awesome shirts! Please, please, please!