Thursday, October 18, 2012

I moved in!

After three long months, I have finally settled down in my new apartment in Graz - it's what I always dreamed of: Quiet, not too bright, has a balcony and is located in a pre-20th century building (HIGH ceilings!). Now, living by myself was always my dream - I ahve been staying in shared flats since I was 19 years old. I hae learned a lot living with countless other people. But now it's time to by myself. And maybe slwoly go insane from working and living at home all the time. THEHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I created this series of doodles to reppresent my slow process of goin insane in my new apartment. Below you see my reaction to sunlight in the morning.
And this is me getting the internet to work in my new place while all boxes are still unpacked.

My first plant.
My first EXPEDIA shelves from IKEA.

Me being very crazy.
There is myuch more art news, but I will post a closer update to all my current project in a while. Today, the computer makes me too cazy to keep on writing! :-D

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