Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enlist as a Red Shirt!

Be prepared, my people, because this Friday my shirt "Enlist!" will go live on Teefury 12 am (EST) for 24 hours, 10 USD. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my influences when making this, and some other designs.

All of this started when I played Fallout 3. What I always loved the most about this game, was the design of the 40ies/50ies cartoon ads in the background and in the gameplay. Same feelings for Bioshock's gorgeous vintage cartoon graphics integrated in the game (as seen below, unfortunately I don't know the artist of those game graphics). This all inspired me for some cartoony vintage ad style shirt designs.

Since I had never done a Star Trek Tee before, it seemed like an appropriate topic. Some of you may have seen my "Adopt A Tribble" shirt from a few weeks ago. This week I'll focus on one of the bravest aspects of the Star Fleet: The Red Shirts! It all began with this doodle:
I wish I could tell you more about the process - but in this case, the process was very straight forward, without any additional sketch of stages. I did it right in Photoshop, and fortunately it was one of those designs, that worked out right away and didn't take me too long.The finished work looks like this:

Now, you can not only get the shirt on Friday, I am also giving away a few cute doodles if you share and tweet about the shirt on Friday. Got to my Facebook page and LIKE it to participate that day.

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