Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sketches from NYC

I am back from NYC, and I am glad to report I managed to do some doodeling in the city. It always takes me a bit to relax and find a nice place to draw. I need to have nothing to do that day, no appointment, and I need a save corner where nobody can look over my shoulder. I found a lot of those places, specifically the locations the city put up those tables and chairs unrelated to a cafe or restaurant - like Madison Square Park, Bryant Park and around 34th street. Here are some of the results. 

Dude trying to take a nap at Bryant Park, completely sunken into himself. 
People chilling on a sunny day at Bryant Park.
Peeps playing chess at Bryant Park.
Hungry peaople waiting in the long line for Shake Shack at Madison Square Park.
People who already got their food from Shake Shack. They seem satisfied.
The lady hat two furry things on her lap. First I only saw one dog, until the other started to move. Such cute, fluffy fur balls.
My favortie place to draw at Metropolitan Museum of Art is the African/South Pacific Mask section. Unbelievable great cartoon characters.
That statuette at MET cracked me up. She seems so pissed.
More chilling people at Bryant Park.

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ben capozzi said...

These are brilliant!