Friday, May 26, 2017

Ass-kicking, magicking and unicorns - a new graphic novel

As it is with blogs, I have been neglecting mine for a while. Lots of different jobs, and just pure laziness have been keeping me from writing here. 

In the next months, I will try my best to keep this thing running: Updates, new art & products and tutorials whould be posted here on a fairly regular basis.  To begin with, let me start by updating you on the biggest comic project of all time (in my personal time ;)) - "The Pepper-Chronicles"

In cooperation with two friends in New York, Rebekie Bennington and Dan Scribner (back when I was living there 2009 – 2012) I started to create a graphic novel. Originally planned as a 100-page fantasy comedy, it turned into a 200-page insanity. Now, after a lot of sweat, pain and blood – but mostly sweat, we recently finished the last page. (below, images of me (Anna-Maria Jung, storyboards, pencils, colors), Rebkie Bennington (pencils, inks), Dan Scribner (script)). 
Click HERE if you want to read the first 15 pages!

If you like fantasy, crazy characters, murder mysteries, naughty jokes, animation-style rendering, a kick-ass female lead, then this comic is the right thing for you.
Due to my connections to a German publisher, the translated version will actually be published before the English one. Release is set for this July at the Comiccon Stuttgart.We are still looking for ways to publish in English, so if you know anybody interested in a kick-ass graphic novel (at least I bleieve it is ;)) let me know.

The story: In a little village on the banks of the Unicorn River, life is peaceful and happy, but a village without crime is no place for Mara Payne, intrepid guard of the night watch! Now she's on her way to the grand city of Acco with a saddlebag full of justice. Her quest for nefarious crimes to fight and dastardly skulls to bash will take her into the darkest heart of a city full of corruption and conspiracies. But the gruesome murders she uncovers are nothing like the stories Mara read of as a little girl, and they may be more than even she can beat down with her two fists of righteousness...

I am really very proud of this project. In the very close future, I will write more blog entries about how we worked on this project, how we used Facebook to coordinate it overseas and what tools we used to get it done.

Please stay tuned, and I would be so happy to hear from you in the form of a comment – also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate! ;D


Unknown said...

very excited about this graphic novel. love your work.

queenmob said...

Thank you so much! :D