Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good bye and good luck!

Flight in about 35 hours. Good bye Graz.
Good bye Stadtpark. Good Bye geeky comic friends. Good bye cheap student food, Park House, warm summer days, beautiful green trees, comic shop, urban yoga center, quiet afternoons at home with a good book, Tokyo running sushi….good bye reading books at Moser, lending Audio books from the city library and renting DVDs from the Mediathek. Good bye DSA (especially good bye to Zervas, the evil vampire, good bye Sadassa who may be dead already and good bye to my DSA-friends – kill Zervas for me and revenge Sadassa). Good bye open air cinema at the Franziskanerplatz, good bye to driving around in the city center with the bike and being everywhere in less than 5 minutes. Good bye to the birds and the Stadtpark squirrels. Good bye everybody I have met this summer and will meet again in about 90 days. Good bye family, good bye to my cat that died this summer and good bye to the cat that still lives (she may be blind, but she is hip!). Good bye reading Fantasy-Sci-Fi novels the whole summer. Good bye drinking litres of Ice Tea and eating more than the body needs (well., that’s something ill continue as soon im in NY). Good bye trams and good bye Megaphon sellers who I always nicely smile at, but never bye an issue from. Oh yeah! I will stop now, because this is starting to sound like I try to make some kind of artistic text.

So good bye Graz, hello New York!


@nnina said...

I am sure that you'll have a great time in Now York! Yeah, I know that Graz is great and I miss it a little bit. But I make so many new and great experiences here in Sweden. Therefor I am not that home sick. Love Annina

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Yeah Annina! And I only stay 90 days. Thats not really long compared to your long stay. :-)
New experiences, im coming! hugs angi

Herr S. said...

Viel Erfolg! ;-)

Herr S.

super cool chick said...

und zu guter letzt:


ich wart mal in graz auf dich, alles gute mein kind und pass auf dich auf!


Zwara81 said...

na dann good luck
und viel spass
und bis bald
geeky friends? hmm

Tobi said...


Arale Norimaki said...

Buen viaje!!!
Viel Erfolg und Bon Voyage :P
Ich freu mich auf die Erzählungen deines NY-Abenteuer!!

Aaron said...

Du wirst hoffentlich wieder gut zurückkommen und allen bösen Mächten in Greifenfurt den Garaus machen! ;-)

Ich brauch noch Deine E-Mail Adresse und schick mir bitte die bereits gezeichneten Figuren!

Danke, Bussal, Aaron

Felix said...

I wish you the very, very best for my one and only "Antschgi". Enjoy the spirit of a new city and a new country. Breath in the new air, remember what is valuable and laugh about the rest :)