Monday, September 25, 2006

Herr Rossi and plenty of lovely pictures

First of all I want to tell you about the party I visited last week: It was a party by Bill Plympton for the famous animator Bruno Bozzetto. And for the freaks of you who dont know him: He invented the famous Mister Rossi. The party was on the roof of Bills apartment building and had a pretty nice view. Bozzetto thought it was pretty funny that noboy in New York knew him, but Germans and Austrians love Mister Rossi (oooh Herr Rossi sucht das Glück!).

Me and Bruno Bruzzetto and one of his daughters.

Who doesnt know Mister Rossi?!

Me and my dear Austrian colleagues Gregor and Michi from Austria: Michi is in an Internship at Hornet studios and Gregor works there.

More about the work
In Deutsch weil ich will ein bissi motzen, nur ein bissi. Es is schon komisch das der gute Herr Plympton vor meiner Abreise hierher nicht einmal gesagt hat, dass ich meinen Laptop bei ihm brauche, denn er hätte sonst nicht mal einen Computer für mich gehabt. Dann hat er mir auch nicht gesagt, dass er 3D-Arbeit von mir will, deswegen hatte ich nicht mal das passende Programm mit…aber inzwischen hab ich es schon gedownloaded…na ja, und wie er sich vorstellt dass ich SEINEN stil (sehr analog, strichelig, hüpfend) in 3D rüberbring…das wird interessat. Zumal er sich niente mit Computern auskennt (nicht mal seine e-mails selber schreibt) und sein herausragender Stil nun mal das stark Analoge ist (oh und das wir eine Lzenz für Maya brauchen verdrängt er glaub ich…hehe). Aber EGAL mir gefällts trotzdem bis jetzt und letztendlich zählt dass ich’s dann in meinen Lebenslauf schreiben kann, und dass ich versuch mir viel selber beizubringen.

Also at the party: Bill (in his hand: a sausage!), in the middle Kerry who im working with and, well, me.

In this pretty builing I work in - at the tenth floor. The elevators are so slowly, you want to kill them...with, I dont know, with a a screwdriver or somthing.

Driving the subway is fast, efficient, but sooo exhausting. At the beginning I took wrong subways all the time or went off at the wrong stop. So much running around for nothing. And what is quite annoying is the heat in the stations. You swet, have to get everything off and the air is as thick as the air in new Delhi on a hot summer day. Then you get on the train, and in there the Aircondition is so cold that the sweat on your skin seems the freeze and create a new layer...hehe. My way to work is about 35 minutes with the subway one way. It leads over a bridge with a really nice view.

Watch out, its the B-Train: My daily transport!

Over the bridge, I see the statue of liberty daily and the skyline of New York.

Oh, by the way, the power plug of course hast arrived yet. So I bought one. I was SIIIICK of it. Its so damn nice to use my laptop again. Oh yeah.

Our house! Guess where which window is mine!

My kingdom! Observe the double bed, the exquisite barock furniture, the couch and the Kamin in the corner, oh and of course the wirlpool at the left....HAHAHA (hysterical laughter)!

Such a pretty neigbourhood im living in!

The plan for this week is to visit a lecture from my favorite author Neil Gaiman on Thursday and on weekend maybe visit the High-Technology Festival Wired (


Anonymous said...

Mugi says: also das Würstl auf Bill´s Gabel und zwei hübsche junge Frauen ... Freud darf man ja nicht bemühen!
Bin schon gespannt, wie du mit dem 3D usw. tun wirst; tolle Bilder von deinem täglichen Leben, bin schwer beeindruckt (auch, dass du Bruno Bozzetto kennst ...). Ich denke an dich. Bussi von mir und ein Mäh von der Katz, Mugi

Aaron said...

Hi my dear! Once again very nice photographs! You must visit the Statue Of Liberty and take some great pictures! Also of the skyline of New York! Do some sightseeing for me, okay??
But I guess you have to work a hundred hours a day, and you don't have time, have you? ;-)

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

@ jaja frau mama das hab ich mir auch gedacht das freudsche...ajaja
@aaron im NOT visiting the statue of liberty again - i already did that in 2000 and its not worth another visit :-) but ill try to do some sightseeing soon....

Felix said...

hahaha no kaka in my neighbourhood :). Cool dog, if you keep painting like this you will directly hired by Disney to make their new main-character for a dog-shit film :D.
Anyway nice room, nice region, and the shit will get you, when you are fully unprepared!