Thursday, September 21, 2006

yeah pictures!

Aaaalso....Doris just told me that the Austrian post has failed once again: they sent my power plug with the normal post, even though she paid for that means it takes up to 14 days until one can receive a package. So I guess ill get it within the next 4 days. Still, here a new update, made once again from Sebastians computer.

I am fine, the work is unspectacular, im doing filing and typical intern stuff, but as soon as I have my VAIO back I will work on some 3-D stuff for Bill. My collagues are nice, and you even can get cheap lunch around the corner: small Pasta for 3 Dollars. And in the morning you just go to one of the many street wagons and buy tea and a bagel for 2 dollars. Well, if you want something really tasty you have to spend more, but thats the same in Austria, isnt it. On the pic you see his studio, sorry for the poor quality, ill make better ones.

Bill is working on a new feature cartoon movie called "Idiots and Angels" I already saw parts of it, and they look really really cool. The movie is about a mean guy who suddenly grows Angel's wings. I hope to be able to post some pictures of it soon.

here a picture of Washington Square Park on a nice sunny day.

I am feeling very comfortable in my home here, all the other people here are nice and everybody keeps telling me that I got off cheap with my room - thats 600 Dollars for about 7 square meters, but 600 is like the lowest you can get, and we also have a living room here and a nice kitchen and garden etc. The picture on the right is me at the timesquare last week.

On weekend i have been at an festival in Little Italy. It was mad, so many people, the sun was hot and the poeple loud, food everywhere and there was this parade...

And here one last picture of me in Washington Square Park.

Oh and another one of crazy advertising in the middle of NY.

And one very last one of some models from a fashin festival presenting themselves to the cameras in the middel of the city.

So are you sadisfied now??? sooo many pictures! But lots more another time. I have so many impressions every day and I will start to write very regulary...thats a promis! At least I hope so...
I miss all of you very much, I havent had time to make many friends yet - and every evening i am so tired that I fail to gop out (even though there was a roof party from Bill Plympton some days agi which was pretty funny, and the star gust was the guy who greatet Herr Rossi!!!!). Anyway, love you aaaall! Thanks for the comments again, and sorry that I dont always write back. See some of you soon in skype.


Anonymous said...

mugi says: Yeah, I know "Herr Rossi ... er sucht nur vom Glück ein Stück ...". War natürlich v.a. beglückt, Fotos von dir zu sehen und zu hören, dass du´s alles in allem (auch mit dem Zimmer) so gut getroffen hast. Bist ja doch ein Glückskind, wie immer gehst du mit vielen positiven Erlebnissen in Resonanz. Du bist irgendwie ein Paradebeispiel für positives Denken und Lebensfreude ... das solltest du patentieren lassen ;). Weiter so, go on. Und vergiß halt nicht das Ausrasten zwischendurch!? Love Mugi

Aaron said...

Yeah! Finally we get some photograhps, too! Very nice ;-)
I hope you get your f****ng cable soon, because I want to skype with you!
Greetings, Aaron

David aus berlin said...

WeEEEEEEEEE! da isse ja :D schön das alles glatt läuft (naja fasst :P ) ich hoffe ich kann dich über skype mal erreichen, hab ne schööööne Zeit so lange. hab witzigerweise von NY geträumt neulich ich war da und hab dich auch gesehen - verrückt wa :D so dann mach mal schön den großen Apfel unsicher bis denne, Kleene.

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

@ mum
jaja, ausrasten tu ich genug, viel zu viel....schlaf jeden tag um die 9 stunden wie ein stein!
@aaron oh sorry about the name hehe :-) and about the drawngs, that will take some time, but if im not gonna male them here im will make them back in Austria. yeah!

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

@ oh david....ich schuld dir noch ein comic, aber ich kanns nicht fertig machen solang mein laptop energielos is...hoffentlich schaff ichs bis ende september :-( lg!!!

Felix said...

nice sunglasses! Seems to be more crowded than in Lund ;)

Arale Norimaki said...

You're having lovely weather and nice!
Here we got cyclone "Gordon", just like movies, but now it's just rain and a little wind...
Oh! By the way, I'm also sort of an intern now, i'll tell you more about it by mail ;)
Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

ja super nette fotos
schon battlestar geschaut? judgement day

Queen Anarchy Mob said...
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Queen Anarchy Mob said...

@ annonymos also herwig :-)
ja hab ich schon längst...also auf die gefahr hin das du mich killst.....soooo toll war die folge auch wieder nicht :-P is not so lovely anymore...yestday it rained and today its sunny and its soooo hot in my rooom.....iiiieeek

Saraswati said...

Hi Maedl!
Freut mich ein paar Fotos von dir zu sehen. Ich werd auch bald viele vom ganzen Trip rein stellen. Bin schon zurueck in Delhi und mein Flieger wartet schon und dann auf zur Statistik.
Geniesse deine unifreie Zeit mit Zeichnen.
Dickes Buss und hug