Wednesday, September 13, 2006

well, here a little update for you!

Hey there,
THIS SUCKS SO cable is needing forever, over an week now, i hope it didnt get lost somewhere or eaten be evil squirrels.

Ok, I still will try to update this blog via the computer of Sebastian, the son of Vanessa, she owns this house.

My home

I tell you, this house is faszinating. Vanessa calls it El Casa floata familia, the house of the floating families. Here I live together with a punk girl from London, her name is Shera (I think i mispelled her name here), Shai is from Israel and has been traveling a lot, Chris is a black dancer from Brooklyn, Sebastian is Vanessas son and does films, and there is a couple from the Swiss with her young daughter Lara. My room is pretty small, but its on the same floor with a kitchen and a bathroom. Below is our kitchen.

On top of the house there is a plattform wich is directed to the garden - yes, we have a real garden, in the middle of New York! Thats luxury!
The neighbourhood here is one of the nicest in Brooklyn: people actually clean after their dogs here, yjere are healthy looking trees, and it seems to be safe. Additionally the Brooklyn main libary is 10 minutes from here.
This is our garden and most of the houses inhabitants.

My work

Is has not really begun yet since I need my laptop isnt working yet (Did I mention this sucks - I cant skype, cant listen to music, cant work). Still I camoe in for work two times. I scanned in Bills drawings. What is really funny is that Bill Plympton - aham, in german now - arbeiotet hauptsaechlich mit huebschen jungen
Damen zusammen. Verheiratet ist er auch nicht, das alles passt sehr zu seinen meistens sehr "nasty" cartoons. Here a really bad picture of the studi: Bill is the tall one. More about my work another time.

New York

New York? New York is crazy. Millions of garzillions of people, and all different. If I take the subway, people usually read books there. And what you see is greek, chinise, arabic, spanish, english, haebraeisch, japanise letters and so on. And the city is fast. If you walk in the center, you have to move fast and dont stop in the middle of the sidewalk or you will get run over. I take the wrong subway all the time, hope this gets better.
I went to Washington Square Park on weekend, the weather was very nice - this park is amazing. Musicians everywhere, people and kids, artists and food. People lie in the grass within the squirrels, sit in the banks etc. Its really nice.

I will write much more next time. The internet is really slow here and I am not using my own computer - thats why I have to hurry to write this all. I miss you all but there is so much action here that I just miss you a bit :-)


sickofsilence said...
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sickofsilence said...

Hmmm, maah, toll, freu mi sehr für dich, dass du in einem Garten herumtollen kannst! Das is super!!! Fein, die Leut schaun gmiatlich aus :) falls sies net sin und eben nur so ausschaun: halte duuuurch, mein Kind.

Al said...

schaut echt nett aus da, freut mich!!! Hoffe du kriegst bald dein blödes Kabel... wir müssen reden! *g*

Almud said...

Das da oben sollte ALMUD heissen, verdammt!!! You can call me Al, LOL

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

hehe das is lustig weil de flo von dsa sein chcarcter heisst "al said" da hab ich gedacht ER schriebt mir hehehe. naja, wie auhc immer vielleicht KAUF ich mir heut ein neues reicht mir so wasvon. is halt a bissi teuer deswegen hab ich so lang gezoegert. bussi an alle

Aaron said...

Flo's name is "Said ben Nazir al'Alam" ;) but it's okay, you are far away from that now!
But don't be afraid, we wait until Flo's back from India, so you won't miss much...

Felix said...

Have I mentioned the cable was shut tun by an evil terrorist? It was :D

I hate the post too! My mother sent me a package over one week ago and it still hasn't arrived! I don't see, why this takes so damn long! maybe the whole post should be removed and replace by dpd, dhl, whatever, they seem to be much faster und much more reliable. ARGH°!