Sunday, December 03, 2006

I like to game.

My last days have come

I want to turn back time, i want to stay loner, I don’t want to goooo! I try to enjoy the last days as much as possible. Maybe ill even manage to get two days off work or so before I leave. We will see. I am realy sad i have to leave. I already considered myself officially as a New Yorker. I nearly fall asleep in the subway, and I get inpatient with slow people in the streets – like a real New Yorker! This city is pure inspirations. By the way, here you can see some sketches I drew on the subway.

I visited the Museum of Natural History on Saturday and found put, that im not as amazed about stuffed animals as I was when i was a child.

I liked the dinosaur skelettons, but was too tired to read any of the descriptions. The dark halls with boxes full of stuffed animals and faked enviroments were kind of spooky. I really liked the parts of the museum about the Big bang and Space in general. There were some fantastic pictures of galaxies and gas explosions and stars and stuff....I looove that. Those two pictures from the hubble telescope were hung up as big posters. Wow. Wow. Information I kept from the museum: The oldest light we can receive from the universe is about 8,7 Billion years old. Galaxies can serve as graviational lenses and bend the space around them - and therfore, enlarge the images of galaxies far behind them . Astronaut's food is not very good. The universe was about the a fourth of its size a couple of Billion years after the Big bang, and its constandly expanding (thats meassured in "Red-shift", (=z) at the moment z=0, at the big bang z=infinite). I leraned more, but I forgot all the scietific terms....

Holy Macaroni! Hubble telescope pics. See more HERE.

That monkey thing is really called "Aye-Aye"!

Week of Gaming – nerd zone

One of my targets for New York was: Game as much as possible.Yay! I more than sucessfully acomplished that target. First I was scared to game in English. But with the time it was easier and easier to do so. I would say, that I played about two games a week during my time here. That rocks, because I LOVE A GOOD GAME.
This week and next week was packed with games. If youre interested, keep on reading, because here im going to describe the games I played. Ill try to update it next week because about to play two more games.

Paranoia – everybody against everybody
On Tuesday we played an one-shot (That means its finished in one evening) in a bar in Brooklyn. Ive never played a RPG in a bar before. Sometimes it was pretty hard to follow the game, becasue the music was quite loud, but it worked.
Paranoia is all about paranoia. It’s the first game I played were the “hereos” have to work actually against each other. The setting takes place in a kind of 1984 world ruled by a computer. Either youre for the computer or you die (imagine a mix of 1984, Brazil and Brave new World). Our mission was to change a light bulb. Sounds easy? Well not, if everybody tries to ork against everbody. Additionally you can easy die in the game, but no worries: If you die you simply use one of the 6 clones that were made of you. Every clone reduces your abilities, you become simply more stupid with every time you get reproduced. Thats wy, originally, youre supposed to drink a beer everytime you die, because its like you become kind of more stupid. It was a lot of fun. I got killed one time. But at the end we succeeded in our mission.

We prevented the Apocalypse in Deadland – Holy Rollers

Damn. Damn, that was the best game I ever played. It was just too much fun, epecially now that i have to leave. We played seven sessions of super-cinematic kick-ass action.
Behold, it's the holy rollers.

The last two sessions took place on Friday and Sunday. One session ended in a cliffhanger: We were facing the four horsemen of the apocalypse, War, Famine, Conquest and Death. We chose to fight, a pretty dumb idea. Still, we had no choice.
As I presumed, we were killed pretty fast during the fight. Yes KILLED, man – got a sword right trough my heart and exploded. My co-fighters shared my fate. But if the heros die in the middle of the story, we know what follows: Resurrection!!!
That pic I made after one of the last sessions. The very left one is my character.

We woke up and were confronted by an angel who told us that were actually invincible, and the horsemen were actually bad , evil fakes. We were the real horseman and destined to stop them. Also, four holy weapons were waiting in the dungeon of hell for us. Well, why not. We have gone trough hell already. We could do it again to get those weapons. We entered hell trough the gate that death left open behind him. In hell we had to fight temptations, well mainly me, becasue my character was a good target for temptations (he just likes women, teiquilla and cigars!). But at the end we made it – even though we were nealy fooled by Satan himself. But we all got our super-holy-mega-deadly weapons at the end. I got a big, shiny sword! We left hell and stood against the fake-horsemen. Things went pretty fast then. I killed War, my personal opponent. Now there was just one thing left to do: Stop John Hollis, the unkillable man, who awokened the fake horseman.Two ways to do that: Bring about the REAL apokalypse (because that would kill him and eliminate all sinners from the world) or try to imprison him. We desided to not be responsible for the elimination of human kind and decided for imprisonment. He had fled to the tower of Bable, whih was constandly growing. Clearly Hollis target was to kill the lamb, Jesus. We climbed up the tower, and honestly, we tried to TALK with him first. But he was all randy baout killing us and summoned up three monesters, a gigantic mountain thing, a bull and a zombie thing. The main target was Hollis. After a long fight on the top of the tower, which was constandly growing closer to heaven, I finally managed to get closer to that damn, evil bastard. We pinned him, and stabbed him with his own speer. Since he is unkillable, it “only” put him in a state of unconsciousness. The tower collapsed, Jesus was save and all of us besides our sidekick Duke were promoted to supernatural-Angel-beings! Yeahg! What a big boom to end this adventure.


Arale Norimaki said...

Are you already leaving?? That can't be true!! Ok...I'll visit you in NY in some years time when I have the money and when you move there and create your own studio ;)
It's always sad to leave, but checking your last posts no one can say that you didn't make the most of your time over there!!
Please, promise me that you will teach me how play Paranoia and all those games when we meet again, they sound so coool!
Enjoy yourself, you lovely geek!!

David aka Ome said...

In der Ubahn bin ick och schon öfters fast eingeschlafen und über lahm laufenden Leute auf den Straßen reg ich mich bin Berlin auch auf, ich bin also auch ein New Yorker, hehe ;) naja oder eben ein Berliner der so ist wie ein New Yorker.hehe.

genieße deine letzte Woche als New Yorkerin, Ich hoffe du hast jede Menge Spaß und kannst dir noch ein paar Tage frei nehmen
auf bald *knutscher* und gruß aus Baaalin :)

Anonymous said... du hast NY wirklich genossen!!...durch dich wachen wieder meine erinnerungen auf, als ich vor 30 jahren dort war!!...damals dachte ich nicht, irgendwann eine tochter zu haben, die nach meinen fussstapfen im BIG APPLE wandert!!
Tolle Sache!!!...Congratulations!!!

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

maybe its good that nobody visited me in NY because i was on my feet all the time and would not have had much time to be a tourist guide ;-) anyway, this is to ALL who didnt vivit me: YOU MISSED SOMETHING hehehe
oh, and the games ARE quite cool. So coo that I got addicted.

Aber in NY isses noch viel mhr "crowded" und in der U-bahn haben ALLE I-pods :-P

Als Kind, das oft Heimweh hatte, konnte ich mir das auch nicht vorstellen :-) Bussi

Anonymous said...

I´m sure you´re NOT damned, sweet Anna-Maria ;)) ... Your simply live is sooo intensive, so that cannot be true. Youre shooting off in a speed of light and leaving us mortals far short of you ...
Jo das hab ich mir zusammengestoppelt aus meinen Englischkenntnissen und LEO, hoffe, es is net "böhmisch".
Bis bald, El Mugi