Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'll be damned!

Damn im tired: I run around the whole day, trying to do last shopping and last everything. Two more days to go. Shopping. Going around. Feel like...i dont know. Im not gonna write much here. Too tired....

More good news: The publisher of my first long Comic "Urbanity" in 2002, Jörg Vogeltanz, is the titlestory of the magazine "Falter" which is damn pretty cool! He just published the third part of the "Anger Diaries", called "Inmates". Also cool, I am mentioned in the article!

Today I had a fantastic far-well lunch with Becky and her family. It was great! I ate fancy food. It was SO SO SO GOOD. It tasted like it looked and looked like it tasted. Thank you thank you thank you for that wonderful farwell-lunch!

Beckys grandmother, mother, me, becky and her stepfather.

Holy mother of jesus, Buddah, Krishna and Dagon: LOOK AT THOSE DESSERTS!!!!AAAAH!

We are fucking weirdos
Im gonne miss them man: my roomates! We had so many good laughs on random, unlogical things. We used to meet each other in the kitchen in the evening und would get stucked there until late. Did you hear that, guys! IM GONNA MISS YOU!

Left is our british/irish punk girl Sheila (man SHE CAN CURSE i tell ya!), right in the front is Leslie, in the middle the french girl Julie and me.

Brooklyn rules!

Farwell Ctuhlhu game in Queens

Amazing: I had my first game there and had my last one there. Osk, who runs the game, writes all the adventures himself. He is a really good writer and puts much effort into good storytelling. This is the first RPG where i played an 11-year old girl. Everybody in the game played kids - interesting, because you barely make any rolls because youre attributes are very low. Im not gonna write more because im sosososo tired. Just so much: IT WAS FUN.


Anonymous said...

I´m sure you´re NOT damned, sweet Anna-Maria ;)) ... Your simply live is sooo intensive, so that cannot be true. Youre shooting off in a speed of light and leaving us mortals far short of you ...
Jo das hab ich mir zusammengestoppelt aus meinen Englischkenntnissen und LEO, hoffe, es is net "böhmisch".
Bis bald, El Mugi

Saraswati said...

Hi Angi!
Wann bist denn jetzt wieder da?
Mit meinen Englisch Kenntnissen schauts schlecht aus, muss zuerst deutsch lernen.
Bussal evi