Sunday, December 17, 2006

It is not over yet...

Yes, im back in Austria. But that doesnt mean this blog will be shut down. Ill do my best to keep it updatet, so stay tooned. But please forgive long time periods between updates, becasue I will be writing my diploma thesis for the next 6 months. And after that? I don#t know for sure yet. Maybe back to NY.
This is the chrismas party team-picture one day before I leave. Don't I look sad. thehe.


Jess said...

Hi !!! I've just finished to watch your blog, it's so great what you have lived !!!!
I'm a french student and I really would like to go in Sweden next year, in Lund !!! I was on the blog of Felix, a friend of you, and I've found your blog, so I let you a post !!!

I would like to speak with you on MSN , because I have to improve my english !! And then you could tell me your aventure!!! :):)

Sorry for my poor English... I let you my adress MSN :

All the best !!!

Byyyye ! :)


Queen Anarchy Mob said...

your english is quite alright don' worry - so you know felix?

Felix said...

if you need some information feel free to ask me!

Arale Norimaki said...

Merry Xmas!! I haven't forgotten any of you, my life is just getting especially chaotic, I hope your return to Austria is as possitive as possible ;)

Anonymous said...
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