Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Now im dead....

First of all: For all of you lazy bums who are to freaking damn fucking lazy to give me a visit in my new room in the living community I moved into, I hjave a picture here. This is my new room:

Its big and nice and I will be roasting in it when it gets hot because a whole wall is only glass windows in the direction of the sun. Im really scared of that. I probably will not survive the summer there. Damn, why didnt I think of that when I moved there. Im so scared!

I also want to announce officially: My first Rolepgame-hero died. It hurts! I dont want to say too much about how or why, I just really liked him and now he is no more. Now its time to create a new hero for the "DSA - group", a new start, a new beginning. Below a picture of my dead hero, "Ian from Greifenfurt", a handsom thief who wasnt born to fight but to talk and sneak his way trough life.

Next week im going to the Comicfestival in Angouleme. I will report about that in about two weeks. Comment me or suffer the consequences! Muharhar. Har.


Anonymous said...
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Spyder said...

Hey, thats a cute little room! Are you excited to have you rown space! Take pictures of your neighborhood so I can see!

Why don't you get curtains for your room? I bet that would keep things at least a little cooler... You might be able to cover your windows with tinfoil too... but maybe that would just bake you like a potato.

Arale Norimaki said...

Angouleme!!?? Can't you take me with you?? Please please, i won't eat, i won't breathe... well, i better won't go, i'm already too poor after spending a crazy amount of money on hellblazers in barcelona.
Where are you living now? What are you now up to?
Well, i'm already craving for your live-report from Angoulême!!
Take care!!

David said...

Viel Spaß in Angoulême, kann leider nicht kommen - wünsche dir aber viel VIEL Spaß und verlange einen ausfürlichen Bericht wenn du wieder da bist.

Schickes Zimmer! : )
hol dir doch einen Ventilator.
bis dennse

Anonymous said...
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