Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ipods for bankrobbers.

The funniest thing in the last days: There was a hostage situation in Vienna and a reporter of the Boulevard-newspaper "Österreich" called the hostage-taker to make an exclusive interview for the newspaper. please read it all here, its unbelievable funny that this actually happend!
Read it all here.

Let me translate for my English-talking friends:
HAGYO (Österreich-journalist): Please dont hang up, I want to do an exclusive interview!
HOSTAGE-TAKER (in heavy Austrian slang): What do I get?
HAGYO: (after a long break). A motorway permit sticker.
HOSTAGE-TAKER (in heavy Austrian slang): Prince Charming, I m going to go to prison, what the hell shall I do with a motorway permit sticker???
HAGYO: Alright, Ill give you an iPod!
Hostage-Taker hangs up.

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