Monday, April 02, 2007

Watch out - a lot of complaing will take place here. If youre in a bad mood youself, stop reading!
Here some bad bad bad news. Well, its mainly bad for me: There will be restauration work in the hosue im living in until June!!! Well istn that perfect? Bore-Noise every weekday from 8am - 4 pm. Since im writing my Diploma: NO PROBLEM! Since I have to learn for the grande test in June? NO PROBLEM!!! This really sucks - the next two weeks they will do our bath, so we cant shower unless we go into the cellar, in a dark room that looks like straight out of the computergame Silent Hill. Anyway. I decided I have to move out.

Look at this bath Luxus-Edition - if you look to the right you see the wirlpool, the center you see the Eristoff-Oase and on the floor real sand from the beaches of Honolululululu to make you feel like its alwaaays holidays!


Spyder said...

I think that bathroom would be improveed by a few splatters of red paint....

David said...

oh meeeensch! so n Käse, du Arme brauchst mal ne Pause von sowas.

Ich drück die Daumen das sich schnell was findet und noch genug Zeit fürs Diplom bleibt. *daumen janz fest drück bisse blau sind*

bis denne dann