Friday, June 22, 2007

darn. im tired.

Test on Tuesday next week. I have been learning a lot the last weeks (well not more than three - four hours a day but thats the best I can do). Not much new besides that I will have finished my whole studying thing next week, unless I screw it up. So let me present you some results of the practical part of my diploma.

A Dimesnional Shambler is a creature that can move between dimensions and galaxies in one steps. It eats whole starsystems but only of they include a lot of Neutronstars.

Shub-Niggurath is a fertility god and the mother of a 1000 youngs.

R'lyeh the Mayor headquarter.

Xoth city view.


Almud said...

Verschiedener hätten unsere DAs kaum sein können, hm?

Coole Bilder - jetz versteh ich auch deinen Geisteszustand (besser)... :-p


Spyder said...

You're my hero!

Spyder said...

you're my hero!!


Queen Anarchy Mob said...

yore in Japan and in front of a computer?! Go, go...see Japan, fast, before youre gone again ;-)

Felix said...

Great, great!

I am sure will own your final exam and get your degree in a couple of days. Otherwise you put them as food into one of your animals that you draw so frequently and... done :)

Sal said...

Wow - great work! How are things going?

J.S.S said...

lol awesome work

Haiko Hörnig said...

Sehr coole Lovecraft Interpretationen, besonders die jungen Goatlings sind fancy! ^^