Sunday, May 27, 2007

Salzburg Apocalypse

Ive been in Salzburg to hand in the Diploma with some friends. Then we drove to a lake and celebrated with good food, beer and jumoing into the water. Below it is me, I catched a fish. And it was already packed up in plastic!
Later the apocalypse suprised us. I took a pic of the lighntning after several failed tries. Below, you see the lightning in the right corner. The people on the pic are (from left to right) Markus, Niki, Börni and Pamela! On the second pic you can see the lightning better.

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Arale Norimaki said...

Congratulations for the finished diploma!! Of course Salzburg couldn't allow you to give it in in boring and normal conditions. That's why the weather conspired and organized that magnificent session os almighty power to impress you ;)
Hope you're all doing great!!