Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas: Food food food!!!!! Yummy! Turkey, Stuffings, sweet smashed potatoes, Beans, Salat, Sauces, Bread, Rice, Wiskey Coke, Wine and later: Cake that busts your brains! I managed to not to eat so much that I explode. Im proud on myself. I got pretty presents too! THANKS!!!! Now back in New York after three days in Chesnutridge- back in civilisation. I realize once again, Im a urban zombie...need noise, need cars, need people, subway, big houses, comicshops, bars. The skyline makes me feel comfortable, much more than silent suburbs. But I needed tha break too. My body is a bit mad on my from running around the whole time. Pain in the bones! Wargh! Thanks again, Becky+family, for a wonderful Christmas! Below you see me and her staring at the cakes. The other pics are from a night in the Lower Eastside...oh I luve it there.

by the way, I met John Turturro in the subway!

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mum said...

Anaaaa Miss you already! Glad you had a good time with us at Christmas! Hope you come back soon!

Love, your brasilian/american Mum!

PS: everyone in the burbs say hello, including the dogs!