Friday, December 28, 2007


The latest issue of the new Grazer magazine "Grazetta" just came out, and im happy to be in it. The assignment was to show people reading the magazine in interesting positions. One author of the magazine, Heimo Sver, knew that I was doing Yoga, so they had the idea to put me into it while standing on my head. You wouldnt believe me how much my shoulders hurt after this photosession - and thank god, its black and white, my head was turning completely red from all the blood in my face.  


chief dancing bird said...

feines foto im cheshire-cat-outfit.
ein lichtblick innerhalb dieser fotostrecke.

have fun in NYC,

Thomas said...

der herwig hats dem Harald ganz stolz gezeigt!

Thomas said...

sehr nett geworden

Evi said...

Hi Angigi,

sorry das i mi so lang net gmeldet hab, hab aber dei sms bekommen. dankschen

bin eh immer dabei mitzulesen, bist sogar bei meine lesezeichen dabei :).

Ich sch├Ątz mal das es dir eh voi guat in ny geht.
Hab dich eh vermisst, komm mal wieder ins skype

buss evi

zwara81 said...

oooh gott

Roni Ben Gur said...

love it!!