Friday, December 14, 2007


After a 10 hours flight from Zürich wich made my stomach turn upside down at the end because of the strong winds I arrived stinky as toxic waste at JFK where it took me ages at the immigrant registration area. Finally, out into a rainy/snwoy/wet NY I took the 22 $ Shuttle Bus into Manhatten. From there I jumped off to take the N subway to Astoria/Queens and I felt at home - the NY subway system is something I remember well from my last stay. I imideately felt the NY spirit: Lights, people in haste, honking cars, grumpy, sleepy people at the subway just returning from work, me, stepping on everybodys feet because of my Austrian naivety.

Arriving at Beckys and her roomate Kats nice, cosy home I felt welcome and was sourounded by nice people and two giant cats. Being back feels great, even tough I dont work this time. After 11 hours of sleep I felt alive again and made a short trip into the city, visited my old workplace to bring by some Dougnuts, just like in the old times, and I felt really nostalgic. I am back, and now I have to figure out how to use my time the best way possible. Hurray! Arr, yay, below just catfotos so far - city fotos coming soon. Cat's name is Pumpkin.


Ally said...

Hoooooorray! Glad you've arrived safely and weren't denied entry into the US (Lord knows, there are enough reasons, LOL).

Gorgeous cat, tell her "mrrraw-meow-meaow" from me.


PS: Re. "Lord" - insert whoever you are currently worshipping... ;-)

Pumpkin said...

mraaaow mrawomraow