Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screening at the MoMa

On our way to the Moma to see the screening of the Kathy Acker Movie we walked trough the pre_christmas streets of NY at 5th avenue, where everything seems like the streets of a super-clean district of a Sci-Fi City Utopia thingy. We found the Moma and it was not clear until 5 minutes before the sceening if they would show the version of the movie with Jörg's and my animation in it. Barbara, the director, arrived 10 minutes late, and I was quite nervous. But they showed the animation version, and the movie also got into the Rotterdam filmfestival. The cinema was quite full and I think people liked the documentary, especially the animation ;-) Yes, I think we did a good job! I congratulate me and Jörg!

Here we see one of my and Jörg's favorite animation scenes, which turned out fantastic. Yes Sir, work of me and Jörg was screened at the MoMa New York! What a nice detail for my Biography :-D
After that we had wine and pizza thingy stuff at the Moma restaurant, fancy fancy i tell you, even tough the wine made me so very tired! So me and Becky left early....
...and took a NY cab home....I tell you, its so much cheaper than in Graz to take a Taxi here.


Anonymous said...

bist ja ziemlich zu beneiden!!!!

Ally said...

I hope those weren't your *last* 15 minutes of fame!!!

Hugs and a fat knuddel,