Monday, December 17, 2007

Visit at PS1

PS1 is a Museum for Contemporary Art in Queens - situated in a old Public school (thats why its called PS 1) it shows some pretty nice installations, paintings, sculptures etc. also usually closley connected with smells. I liked it, especially because it was very cheap to get in. Yes, it was a very nice weekend with lots of good breakfasting with Becky, wandering around and doing cultural stuff and eating Sushi and Burritos! Also, I met my landlady Vanessa, whos place I stayed at in 2006, at a Christmas party in Chinatown.

Below: The view from a window in PS1, it was a foggy day.
Interesting Museum Cafe.
One of the exibition rooms was situated in the schools cellar.
Jörg arrived yesterday and bought himself a hat.
He stays in the coolest location in NY: In Williamsburg, NYs hip arty students district!
Another view from PS1.

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