Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art will now be a part of this blog

This blog is becoming really boring as soon as I am not in New York anymore. I want to change that. Inspired by a lot of other artists, I want to use this blog to document my progress in creating illustrations and comics much more. Also, I want to introduce you to some artists that inspire me every so often.

Let me start by showing you a piece of work I did for a roleplaying game called "Das schwarze Auge". It's a moody scene showing the farm of one of the players in-game characters. It's called "Seefels" (which means something like "Rock by the Lake").

Below you see the first stage, the sketch. By the time I did it I wasn't even sure if I'd photoshop it afterwards.

About 10 Photoshop layers later I was quite satiesfied with this picture. It's not my usual style, but from time to time I want to try out realism. Even though, I have to admit, realistic pics are sooo much harder than my usual comic/funny style.

Other news:

Erlangen Comicfestival 2008 is coming. There will be some stuff of me published there. First of all, im still working on the Lovecraft comic, even though I had a longer artistic break. In Erlangen, there will be a little promotion leaflet with 6 of my 26 finished pages (about 45 more to go) fot the publisher Zwerchfell. To make it tasty for you, let me show you one of the pages I'm quite proud of:

After about 15 Photoshop Layers later, the sketch has turned into a crazy, colorful alien city in the nighttime. I plan, when I am in the mood, to show you more in between stages of my work progress.

Another comic will be published for the new Comicgate Magazin. It's my first erotic story, well, it's more like an erotic-trash-occult spy sort of thingy. I'll show you a little preview here on my page. You should buy it, when it's out! I'll put the link here, as soon as it was published. it's a great porn! Buy, buy, buy!

And last but not least, there will be a one pager in the Comic Anthology Jazam! Jazam is a great nice project from German comicfans/artists and already published a Lovecraftian story by me two years ago. You should buy that, too, when it comes out!

Also, there will be another Comiccourse at URANIA in April, at the weekend of the 11th and the 12th of April. If youre intertested feel free to sing on for my course, the last on was much fun! See the exact decription here.


Ally said...

cool stuff!

good luck with all your projects... :-)

Aaron S. said...

Nice, nice :) Go on girl!

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Roni Ben Gur said...

Beautiful!! show more of ur stuff!!! I know u have tons of cool stuff, Ive seen some before...
btw... ur blog can never be boring cuz ur one interesting girl!
Keep on!