Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pirate town Sylla

It is so much more fun to work on private stuff, instead of doing something like arranging your future. Roleplaying games inspire me too much. When the gamemaster describes the enviroment, pictures arise in my head that have to be brought to paper. Last time we played, Aaron described a Caribbean, "Piraty" town called Sylla. I drew how I imagined it, inspired also by the game "Monkey Island". This time I was patient enough to post some worksteps for you too. Below you see the "cleaned-up" sketch.

Below you see the finished piece. I worked about four hours on the sketch and another four hours on the color version. I am still not sadiesfied, I am not sure about the colors. But on some point you have to stop.

Below you see how many Photoshop layers I used.

Again, here are some different steps: 1. is only the sketch, 2. is the first color layer, 3. Is a second color layer that tries to give the whole picuture an even brownish color key, 4. I played around with the lines, I dont really know how I did it, but it made the colors look less saturated, 5. all the shadow und light effect layers are visible.


hermetic said...

sehr spannend - und sieht toll aus
mehr davon! :)

Matthias Jäger said...

i like your sketches much more than the photoshop coloured pieces - greetz mat

Anonymous said...

Ist es dieses Bild mit der Piratin auf dem Markt, das du gemeint hast? Es hat eine ganz starke Energie und viel Atmospsphäre. Gefällt mir unheimlich gut. Mehr dann nächste Woche ... Ayyuini El Mugi

Aaron said...

Super Sache! Wenn in allen Köpfen der Spieler so tolle Bilder entstehen, dann bni ich mit meiner Beschreibetechnik zufrieden :)
Wirklich eine tolle Arbeit!

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Merci, thank you - I like much too much to do stuff like that.

@Matthias thanks, but I actually like the photoshoped pieces more :-)

Ally said...

saugeil... :-)