Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cthulhu Revisited

The Xoth presentation which took place on Friday went very good. I had the impression nobody was bored by my "lecture" about Lovecraft and his life, and a well-prepared Jörg Vogeltanz and Thomas Ballhausen arranged a very interesting discussion. What was quite amazing was, that the cinema was nearly full. Wow! I was touched by how many friends and family members showed up, but also people I had never seen before. I want to thank my family and friends, who helped out with stuff such as buffet and the presentation. A BIG thank you! Fotos on this page by Daniel Hermes.

All of the copies I got from Germany were sold this evening, 46 pieces. What a success. My next appointment is in Vienna this weekend: Ill be signing copies of my book on Saturday at Planet Harry and on Sunday at the Comicbörse Wien. But more about this later in the coming week.

Left: Thomas Ballhausen, in the middle me, right Jörg Vogeltanz


guess who said...

beau-teee-full photos! congratulations to the photographer who made me look almost human!

spyder said...

Congradulations, darling! When next I see you I will drink I toast to your success!

Aaron said...

Maaah! Ich waere so gern dabei gewesen! Ich bin ein schlechter Freund... der einzige, der nicht aufgetaucht ist ;(

Weiter so, Anna-Maria! Ich bin sooo stolz auf Dich!

LG, Aaron

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

@spyder THANKS! Don`forget to say "HAIL CTHULHU" when you drink

@Aaron Ich versteh auch nciht, warum du nicht extra angereist bist. SInd doch nur...was? ca. 20 Stunden Reisezeit und 900 Euro für den Flug?
tststs....the times we have come to....