Monday, February 01, 2010

Nerding, gaming, boozin' (reboot)

Attention: The next paragraphs are pure pure pure nerdiness. For the “average” person all of ths will be “Kauderwelsch”.
What can a nerd like me do to have a fantastic weekend! That’s right:

Start off with a fantastic evening at Barcade, a Bar/Arcade hall in Williamsburg. The nerds from met up there to socialice before the big gaming event Recess was about to start at the next day. I met many new people, and Melissa, our gaming buddy Cary and his girlfriend accompanied me. After two Ginger+Gin I totally sucked at most games Aracde games I played, I usually died within 1 minute. Whatever, I had loads of fun! I had very geeky chats about various topics, such as comics and why the hell a knight would run around on a graveyard and fight zombies while losing his armor (that was the Arcade game Goblins and Ghosts).
After this, we went to eat delicious Burgers at “DuMonts” and I can without a doubt say, one of the best Burgers I ever ate! Everybody around me drunkenly confirmed me (“Dude, that is the BEST burger ever!”).
Below: Laura (left corner) me and Melissa are feeling funky after good burgers! (photo by Sarah)
Many people eating many meat!
At Barcarde: Astroide art!
Lisa (left) and Melissa are rocking the astroids!
I fail terrible at a shooting game in the jungle.
Melissa fights ghosts and goblins.

Saturday I arrived at 11 am at Bric in Manhatten to participate in the RPG/Boardgame/Socializing event “Recess” arranged by the nerd community. This time, very special, two day instead of one day! I met so many people I had recently only know trough their names at the message board and I found out that they were all awesome and nice! Over the course of the next two days I played four games, had a lot of chats with people and watched people drunkenly playing a bowling kind of game with marbles. I played Cthulhu Invictus with my first New York GM ever, Osk – I played Spelljammer (Dungeons and Dragons in space with floating ships) whuich was mastered by the brothers John and George, the first time ever I saw game masters working back to back, merging their games from time to time! I played Mouseguard with Matt as a GM – I had read the comic Mouseguard a while ago, and I loved it! The game was fun. My absolute favorite game was “lady Blackbird”. It’s a game/setting that’s basically explained within one page – very open, very fun – and as one of my fellow players Sarah called it” Steampunk/Firefly version of Princess pride”. We were 4 female players in this game and one guy, Brennan, the GM, brought his 12 years old daughter Lilith to game – and she is probably the youngest palyer I have ever played with, and she was a pure pro! She is gonna be a “Über-Gamer” when she is older!
Brennan, Sarah, Lilith and Sarah 2 are playing "lady Blackbird" with me!
I show Lilith my magic D20 which rolls many 1s (which is very bad in D&D) - photo by Sarah!
John and Geroge, back to back GMing (photo by Rob)

This also gives me the opportunity to introduce two of my regular gaming groups (I have to take pictures of the others):
1.Burning Wheel group: Phil (the GM), Sarah (his girlfriend), me, Kristen and Steve (and Melissa who just joined us and is not on the picture yet). We paly a Sci Fi campaigns, and whoever want to know more about it, Phil is writing very very long summaries on the nerdboard.
2.Shadowrun – Jason (the GM), Rob, Karen (his wife), Donna, Saif, Michael and Eric. We have a lot of fun when we play!
In this foto: Kristen, Phil, Sarah, Steve and me on top.
Jason, Rob, Karen, Michael, Eric and Donna

Older stuff:

I visited the New York Aquarium to draw recently and I enjoyed it a lot. I found out that I really enjoy visiting zoos and aquariums in general, much more actually than any art gallery. I am considering getting a year pass for all the zoos here, to visit them regularly, I just love to watch those freaky animals doing whatever they do. At the photo you see one of my favorite animals in the aquarium, the jellyfish!

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