Monday, February 15, 2010

New illustration: documentation

I decided to post a documentation about my latest threadless submission (which should be up for scoring shortly). It's for a special competition "One day without a shoe...", so the topic is basically children who can't afford to have shoes. This is a very untypical style for me - but I'm in the mood for experiments.

I started out with a very rough sketch. I had the idea for the illustration in my mind and tried to thumbnail it on paper. I was very sadisfied with my first try (which rarely happens) and my personal inspiration for this was illustrator James Jean.

The next step was a precisce sketch. I left out the ubmrella because I decided it was too distracting and too bold. By that point, I had decided to make the final sketch digital (the first time ever) with a graphic tablet.

The final version is supposed to be printed on sand color. I tried a lot with backgrounds, but finally decided to keep the illustration very clean and clear, so the basic idea of the nacked feet would translate.


Frau Kirschvogel said...

Wow! Das ist wunderschööön!


Queen Mob said...

Cheeeeers!!! :-)))

Towi said...

Ich bin der Towi mit doppel w. Ich bin unwürdig und ein schlimmer Bengel, denn ich kommentiere hier viel zu selten! Verzeih! Verzeih

Anonymous said...

Hihi, awesome :D

Anonymous said...

wow! also wenn du je nach AUT zurückkehrst ... darfs ländle stolz sein! :D
lg aus graz von da mma karin :)

Queen Mob said...

Braver Towi! :-D
Danke Karin!!!!!!