Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I arrived in Austria at the 25th of May and experienced a mild culture shock. It’s so quiet compared to NY, no crazy honking and much less people. I needed one day or so, but I adapted
surprisingly fast and for the first time in years I was able to relax – far away from my workplace, at my mum’s place in Graz. The weather was pretty cold and rainy for the first two weeks. Now we have truly amazing summer weather since a couple of days. I already met many of my friends, and with none of them it seemed that I had been gone for almost a year. With most of them it seemed like we had seen yesterday, and I had a very good time so far.

I have been at the marriage of two of my oldest friends, Felix who I have known for more than 20 years and Annina, who I have known since about 14 years. It was a wonderful day with an awesome “Bride Kidnapping” ( a tradition where the bride is kidnapped to another place and the best man has to sell her free by paying for all the drinks the people drink there) and I met so many of my friends there. Congratulations to them again and may their new life in Norway be fulfilling and enjoyable.

I also went to the Comicsalon in Erlangen, Germany where I met many of the friends I only see once a year. Publisher Zwerchfeel, which published Xoth, had some awesome new publications which sold out pretty fast. All in all, a big success – also, the second edition of Xoth was sold there, with 10 extra pages of comic around the occult investigator Mary J. Brown.

On the 18th of June I will travel back to NY – many things to do await me there, and I look forward to start a new school year. I look forward to many successful projects (hopefully) and to learning even more. I also hope to finally set my foot in some doors, and to gather new contacts and insight in the business. One year can be over so fast.

Felix and Annina!

I took over Graz. again.
Me and brother.
Graz is so small! But it has many nice red roofs! REDROOF!
Uhm, whut's in that cannon! My last words! (Huahahahaha!)
Me and Su practising Rainbowspotting!
Bride kidnapping. Evil brother, he is behind everything!


Aaron said...

I am happy you enjoy your stay! I am very sorry we weren't able to play more than three times while you were here... I hope you will come again for a visit! Don't forget, you're always welcome to join forces with us against the evil!

piwi said...

zwerchfeel? come on, feel the zwerch! whatever that shall mean...

Caren said...

Love the photo of you taking over Graz. Think I may have to make it my desktop background. I hope to see you when The German & I come to NYC in July!

Queen Mob said...

Thanks Aaron!!!
Piwi...really...did I write that? yaeh!
Caren: Hope so much to see more of you guys this time!